Beautiful Belligerence

A cold hard tale of living on the edge of insanity. 

Beautiful Belligerence is a first person dark comedy based on real events. In 2013 four friends decide to plan a trip to a Kansas City Chiefs game. What ensued was a wild tale of experience, exuberance, excess, fate, and friendship played out across Kansas City, MO. Set to the backdrop of an emotional undoing, this first person narrative tells the story of a weekend where four friends left their inhibitions to the wind and decided to live free for the sake of their friendship.


"Strong male relationships aren't often told with such authenticity, and there is much to be learned about how all of us manage our emotions and trauma. Beamer manages to make this novel both a confessional and a comedic caper. Humor and energy mix with repression and pain-driven behavior; there are deep-seated issues that drive such desperation, which is relatable in some way for everyone. Beautiful Belligerence is raw and real, with Beamer's brutal honesty serving as both a good example and a terrible warning for anyone who has ever felt lost in their own life." Self-Publishing Review

"Beautiful Belligerence has some brilliant voice-of-a-generation moments. Within the chaos, Beamer captures moments of real poignancy, often making his subjects' desperation palpable and devastating. Beamer's writing is by turns inspired and baffling." - BlueInk Review

"Beautiful Belligerence is a ribald, outrageous tale. It is an ironically sobering account of a doomed generation of Americans looking, and, temporarily finding - an escape hatch from their directionless lives" - IndieReader

Brent Beamer's writing is largely inspired by the wild country and characters of northeastern rural Missouri where he is from. Brent writes from a realist perspective with a flair for turning the ordinary into a mind road trip. He blends in a fair share of wit, and humor into his interpretations of modern life ethos. He counts among his primary influences to be Mark Twain and Bob Dylan. 

© 2019 by Brent Beamer. 

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