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Written By: Brent Beamer

He bought em' at a parking lot sale

Outside of Wichita on a Tuesday afternoon

He wore em' the night he met his first wife, 

But that was a couple soles ago

He wore em' out on the town

He always had trouble if a woman ever came around

He was a lightning rod,

With Fireball breath made of war memories

He had a tongue with words that could cut

He fought for his old lady's honor more than once

He fought with his old lady too

After he got back from Iraq he wasn't the same dude

I guess he had a proper send off,

Standing outside the yard in nice black clothes

The friend I knew wouldn't a cared what we wore there,

But he would have the loved the guy playing taps on his 


He's rattling down the road somewhere

Without his boots, their sitting in my house

His old lady gave them to me

She said she couldn't live with them cause she couldn't

live without my friend

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Aug 22, 2020

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Copyright © 2020 by Brent Beamer 

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