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Brother Love

Written By: Brent Beamer 

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Brother love send me away

From the comfort of a rock & roll song

In September in a Dylan daze

Mind is gone, head is wrong

To believe in the psychedelic

Your guitar stole my heart

Thirty years going schizophrenic

This is wrong, music's gone

He was my brother

He was my best friend

He's gone, he's gone

He's not coming back

The recording in our living room

With my five year old son

You took to brilliant and became a loon

Like thunder comes, coda done

Listened to tapes in the car today

Your fuzzbox riffs like hollow points

And the pills I wish you would take

But, you've always done what you want

Don't make me change

I want to stay crazy

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First Played Live

Aug 22, 2020

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Copyright © 2020 by Brent Beamer

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