A Little About Brent

I have been playing guitar for over 15 years. I have taught lessons for over 5 years. I am self-taught! Through my experience teaching I have learned myself that a focus on the individual student and their learning style provides the best results for the student. I believe that a student best learns how to play a guitar by focusing on their own individual approach to the guitar! We all have our own sense of rhythm! I provide the fundamental musical knowledge to the student, and I focus on supporting them throughout the learning process.


In the initial lesson/consultation we talk about the students' goals for the guitar! Then i cater the lessons around the particular student's end goal! My lessons are a personalized approach to each student and their particular goals with the instrument! I have a laid-back easy-going teaching style.  I believe in low pressure lessons that are fun. Playing an instrument should be a fun creative outlet! I try to teach throughout my lessons that music should not be stressful or overwhelming. I want people to pick up a guitar and keep playing it! My own experience is that guitar has given me a world of happiness. 


All lesson purchases generate a Zoom meeting ID, which will be emailed to the student! Convenient! I know! If a student prefers to take in-person lessons they can drop me a message in the check out. Either way, I will reaching out via email to the student upon booking to welcome them, and to see if they prefer in-person classes! If you are interested or want to learn more, I encourage you to call me 573-356-3292 or email me at music@brentbeamer.com 



50 Minute Lessons

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Interested? Call 573-356-3292 

90 Minute Lessons

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Lessons in today's socially distanced world? No problem! Classes available via Zoom!


I work with all regular students (those with recurring lessons) on earned discounts throughout their time taking lessons!

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