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Meet Me There

Written By: Brent Beamer

Ragged dolls on the couch,

 I sit down

To be all that I can be, 

I have not done enough

She's got tattoos on her arms,

I think I'm in love

I keep it real and I'm flying,

She's so high she says I am

Meet me there

Beat me there

Tell me there's no one else

I can be your lover and I can be your friend

I can be a drunkard and I can be a fiend

I can be another and I can be obscene

I can be too much

Six feet tall if I'm lying,

in cowboy boots

Stare out the window at her ass,

as she passes

I catch on so slowly, so suddenly

To catch lightning in a bottle,

to catch her horny with me

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First Played live 

Aug 22, 2020

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Copyright © 2020 by Brent Beamer

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