Evangeline's St. Louis, MO 10.03.20

Evangeline’s is a really cool venue. In the heart of St. Louis. A great place to go with a perfect stage. Great Cajun food, great times. A really cool vibe. It’s a unique place, and I love playing there. I’m excited to go back. St. Louis is a great music town, and it makes me feel at home. Music fans. Something in the air there.

This particular show gave me a great opportunity to film my performance. My good friend Neville made the trip with me, and he operated the video camera and managed to take some good still photos of me. I have multi talented friends. Always been lucky in that sense. Most of us are indie's and small business owners. It's refreshing. I recorded the audio of my performance straight out of the PA. This is a practice I will continue to use. I am building a live performance archive so to speak. Neil Young is a big inspiration here. I dig that he puts out live performances from the past. I want to do that. It’s interesting to me to have that documentation of my art at a particular moment in time… I heard someone say that music is how we decorate time. That’s stuck with me.

It was a nice night in the Lou. Really perfect weather. When we arrived at Evangeline’s I scoped the stage out. It was big and open. Plenty of room to roam around and find your space. I found it a very fitting place to be in the moment. The stage had a big rug on it, which I loved. It reminded me of Tom Petty concerts I have saw. There were a couple pianos on the stage. The only regret that I have now from that night is that I didn’t play one of my new songs on one of those pianos. Next time.

After sound check I had some time to take the place in. I hung out with Neville, and shot the breeze. We talked about being mountain men. The nervousness always sets in before I play. It feels good in a sense… it makes me feel incredibly alive. I am fond of it in an odd way. My set was from seven pm until eight pm. With that hour, I really wanted to showcase some of my new songs.

I took the stage at seven. I opened with one of my new songs ‘Homegrown Legend’. It’s a good opening song. I dig it. I'm still working out a few kinks here and there, but you have to play them. It’s a strange experience, song performances are never the same twice. At least the way I perform they aren’t. I catch new angles every time. Playing live I do always find myself settling in after a couple songs… With this particular show I started to feel like I am finding my zone. Each show you play makes you so much better. Intense, in the moment, not thinking. That’s where I like to live. I played all of my new songs at Evangeline’s. I also played a couple from my previous albums… Notably, Let it Burn, American Drug, & Don’t Turn The Radio Down.

I will be uploading some of the performance videos to my YouTube artist channel over the coming months. The audio tracks may surface someday down the road, though archived for now in the Beamer Vault. This show was a growth step for me. It felt good. I am learning, and living in the moment. I am looking forward to stepping on the Evangeline’s stage again.


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