The Prairie

Written By: Brent Beamer 

Get a dark twisted feeling when I think about

The people that I've loved and I've lost

I used to think that the country held me down

I thought it kept me from being myself

I lose myself in thought

Thinking about how this ground has saved my life

The silence has shaken me, the prairie wind on my face

Will you pray for me

In moonlight my wind wanders to the native tribes

That used to walk the land that I love

I know that they lived off the land

I know they treated this ground better than I have

I lose myself in thought

Thinking about why all of that had to be

The wind blowing through my hair, I find it hard to believe

Will you pray for me

The North & the South fought a battle

For a rail line fifteen miles from here

They shaped the future of a nation

And then I played the same war in this field

I lose myself in thought

Thinking about this land that I'm from

A train off in the distance, I hear it calling my name

Will you pray for me

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Sept 04, 2020

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Copyright © 2020 by Brent Beamer 

© 2020 by Brent Beamer. 

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